You MUST have a call for this customer scheduled in SWRemote, and you MUST be on the INVOICE screen in SWRemote.

Build your Proposal options as normal in Acquire. When the customer accepts a Proposal option and is ready to proceed, you will see a new option at the bottom of the screen, below the signature area:

When tapped, SWRemote will now open, and the items from this proposal will populate (SWRemote must be on the Invoice screen).

**NOTES**Items in Acquire MUST be existing items in SuccessWare21's Pricebook. If they do not exist in SuccessWare21, they will not appear on the invoice.

Also, if prices differ between Acquire and SWRemote, the Acquire price will remain in place. If a technician creates a Proposal with a 'bundled' price with lower parts as a deal to the customer, this is why.

From this point on, the technician can complete the call in SWRemote, take the payment and complete the call. The invoice and all relative information will be sent back to SuccessWare21 in the office.

To find out how to add SWRemote integration in Acquire, look HERE

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